How to make up Pin-Up style easily

Can you imagine being able to put on make-up like a real pin-up girl quickly and easily? It’s possible! You’ll also get that sexy look you’re looking for.

We show you the keys step by step to achieve a sensual, suggestive and flirtatious style that only the pin-up or 50s style make-up thanks to the advice of Laura Leth. You will look spectacular!

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Pin-Up Makeup step by step

Prepare the skin

One of the keys to a pin-up makeup is the delicate appearance of the skin. Your face should look fresh and without imperfections. It is very important to clean the skin thoroughly. Make a proper facial cleansing using the products appropriate to your skin type and then apply a tonic, facial serum and moisturizer.

➤ Tip: Caring for your skin should become a routine task for you. In this way you will look perfect and without perfections on any occasion.

Porcelain skin

Show a clear complexion, impeccable and without imperfections is typical of the pin-up aesthetic. Once your skin is clean, toned and hydrated we can apply some resources that will help us to hide or qualify the imperfections of each one.


To do this, use a makeup base of the same color, or a tone that is immediately lighter than that of your skin. Never use a darker tone. It is very important to spread the base well to avoid color cuts in order to avoid artificial results. The idea is to look natural and healthy skin.


➤ Tip: If you want you can hide even more those rebellious imperfections with a good concealer for makeup and finish with a translucent powder to seal the makeup.


Eye makeup is undoubtedly the main protagonist in the pin-up style. The feline look or cat eye makeup, as it is sometimes called, is a resource widely used by pin-up girls.

To achieve this effect the eyeliner is clearly your best choice but first you will have to apply a “nude or beige” eye shadow and make sure to blend it correctly. Next we will use a good black eyeliner to delineate the upper eyelid by a well defined line. Extend the outlined up by drawing a small and short “corner”. This tears the eye and gives you that feline look you’re looking for.

➤ Tips: Keep the outline near the top tab and do not mark your lower eyelid with black pencil. This would only harden your eyes. If you use a white tone on the inside of the tab you will increase the sensual and delicate effect so desired.

Extra long eyelashes

You have to pay attention to the eyelashes and both the curler and a quality mascara will be your allies in this task.

With the eyes already outlined we will use the eyelash curler to gain length and curvature in the eyelashes. Then we will apply two generous layers of a black mascara to give more intensity to your pin-up look.

➤ Tip: It is important to use a quality mascara. If you do not run the risk of clumping your lashes and show off a vulgar makeup, which is the opposite of what we seek.

And remember that you can always use false eyelashes. But make sure your placement and quality is correct. The ones chosen by Laura are by Silah

Eyebrow makeup

If you are going to make up pin-up style, you can not forget your eyebrows. These must be well defined and thus frame the look. It is not always necessary but some of us do not have the perfect eyebrows. That is why you can resort to eyebrow makeup and outline its shape. That if, always the same color as the hair and nothing very stressed.

If you have beautiful natural eyebrows, you will only have to take care of them correctly.

➤ Tip: It is important to take them always well taken care of by means of a correct hair removal although here it is necessary to emphasize that it is not about removing a lot of hair but to do it correctly. A populated eyebrow is also beautiful. It’s about taking care of their shape and appearance.

Red lips

Along with the eyeliner and the eyeliner, the red lips are one of the hallmarks of the pin-up girls. You will achieve that feminine and sensual style that you like so much. The first thing is to outline your lips with the same color you use to go on your lipstick. Then fill your lips with the chosen lipstick. If it is red better.

➤ Tips: Using a good lipstick is important so that it lasts longer. You can use a permanent or waterproof lipstick to make the lips look perfect longer. We must ensure that the color is intense. If you want to have more intensity you can use a lip gloss without color for a more sensual and wet effect.


To finish apply a light blush tone to give your cheeks blush. But it always has to be subtle and natural so as not to detract from the central aspects of our pin-up makeup. Pink, peach or even honey tones are a good choice.

➤ Advice: do not use intense blushes so as not to remove the prominence of the rest of the makeup. The idea is to get a little flush but and maintain the uniformity of your skin.



Final tips for a good pin-up makeup:

Always use a quality makeup or makeup. This will prevent your skin from suffering unnecessary damage. In addition, the correct thing is to keep the skin clean, fresh and hydrated. Help yourself with facial cleansers, toners and moisturizers to keep your skin radiant and healthy. Remember. We only have one skin and it is forever!

Our favorite makeup products

We leave you a selection of our favorite makeup products so you can choose without fear of making mistakes.

Even so, we remind you that each one has a different skin and perhaps what works for some women will not be the same for others. Many times you will have to try different products to find the right one for your skin tone and type.

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Video Makeup Pin Up Step by Step by Laura Leth

If you are someone who prefers to see what we read, we also have something for you. We leave the video of Laura Leth so you do not miss any step and it is easier for you to make your next Pin Up style makeup.