Pin Up Blouses

Can a simple blouse create a style? Of course. It’s simple. If you choose the right blouse you can create the perfect Pin-Up style with which you will not go unnoticed. That’s why we have chosen all of these in our online store to renew your wardrobe.

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Sweetheart Neckline Blouse. A basic Pin-Up look

The sweetheart neckline is a classic among the closets of any pin-up girl.

They greatly enhance the bust, especially in its central part by leaving the neckline very open. This type of shirts or blouses greatly enhance the chest by leaving the central part of the bust wide open. If you have a lot of breast the effect can be exaggerated and on the contrary, if you have a small size they will not be too aesthetic.

Women with medium bra sizes are the most match can get to the shirts with sweetheart neckline. By the way, this type of blouses are widely used in 50s style outfits.

We can find models of short sleeves, long sleeves or even suspenders. The variety of colors also great, as well as the prints.

They combine very well with all types of skirts and pants and are perfect for daily use.

Check shirts. The Rockabilly essence

Check shirts are usually associated with the Rockabilly style. This is because of the origins of the movement, initially associated with rural people or living outside the cities and their Country style. This is an insurmountable cliché even today.

A very recurrent style is to tie from the middle of the shirt its ends in the front as a tie or knot and leave the neckline open. This way you will get a more sexy and daring look with hardly any effort.

Sailor striped blouse. A classic in any wardrobe

Maybe you’re tired of the sailor stripes styling. That’s because it has always been associated with the Pin-Up style and they have been repeated ad nauseam. But calm down. You do not have to always repeat the same thing.

This type of shirts can be very original if you know how to combine them and if you give your personal touch. Do not repeat the same as always. You can reinvent a classic with hardly any effort.

Blouses off shoulder or Bardot. A classic of the 50s

The off the shoulder blouses are a great success. They are named for leaving the shoulders in the air and in honor of the muse Brigitte Bardot who began to make them fashionable at the end of the 50s, being a great choice for both the hottest days of the year and for style where you seek to enhance your beauty .

They are really sensual, and if you tie back your hair you will increase this effect leaving the neck exposed. This is really sexy.

You will remember Sandy, the protagonist of the famous movie Grease wearing one of these. This made them become fashionable again in the 80s.

Although these types of shirts usually wear the straight neckline there are models of off shoulder blouses with a neckline that are really sexy and daring.

Printed shirts. One for each occasion

What about a Hawaiian women’s shirt with a nice print and high waisted shorts for a Tiki Party on the beach?

Well, that’s great!

Thanks to the prints you can enhance your style and imprint personality to a set that otherwise would be boring. And that is not exactly what you are looking for. True?

In addition, the variety is very large. There are models with swallows, cherries, flowers, anchors, stars, skulls … and everything you can imagine.

Cheap dress shirts for women

Surely you’re going to need more than one shirt in your wardrobe bottom. And believe me when I tell you that there are never too many. Dress shirts are not just clothing for work, although you will certainly need a few of these. Both on occasions where you need to dress more formally and on days when your style is even more informal a good shirt can work wonders. You just have to learn to combine them.

The formal clothes, like ussually call it, can take a casual and even youthful with little effort. They can also be a very sexy garment that does not go unnoticed.

Take a look at our selection of dress shirts for women and buy online the models best suited to your style Pin-Up, Rockabilly or vintage. No doubt you will find everything you need.

Buy women’s shirts online at the best price

Very few stores, to say none, offer a good selection of shirts for women. And much less find suitable shirts for your style Pin-Up or Rockabilly in the usual stores.

If what you are looking for is to buy stylish shirts, congratulations.

In our online store you will find the largest selection of shirts for women at the best prices and thanks to the affiliate program, of which we are part, you can have the confidence to buy online conveniently, safely and cheaply.

Happy purchase!

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