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Surely you have spent hours looking for a dress or a skirt suitable for your Pin-Up look in traditional stores. So you already know that it is not an easy task. Luckily for all of us in Pin-Up Girl Style we have prepared a wide range of clothing that fits perfectly with our style.

Whether you are a woman with more classic tastes, a passionate of the 50´s Pin-Up fashion of the or simply looking for some extra accessories to complete your basic wardrobe, and give a sensual, and cheeky touch, no doubt our catalog will enchant you.

From the glamorous flapper style of the 20s to the most up-to-date psychobilly, including the coquettish but daring 50´s dresses, and the more traditional Rockabilly. In our online store we have all the styles selected, and at the best price.

Vintage and retro fashion has it never gets old-fashioned and those of us who know how to value clothing importance know that not everything is worth it. Stop looking and take a look through our catalog. You’ll love it!

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Our catalog is full of clothes for your Pin-Up or Rockabilly style and always with the best prices you can find on the internet.

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Much more than vintage clothing

Surely you already know that our style of dress is a reflection of our tastes and this is not only reflected in our clothes. There is nothing like feeling good about yourself and what better way to do it than being consistent with our tastes.

We have a wide selection of accessories with vintage style so you can not only renew your clothes and pull those that you no longer use. Can you imagine having those 50’s style furniture you always dreamed about? Or that perfect kitchen where to prepare your milkshakes with which to leave your guests with their mouths open? And we can not forget the music. I hope you’re not one of those who put on the radio when organizing a themed party …

For all this we have prepared a careful selection of the most appropriate products at the best price so that you can decorate your home, and also make it an authentic time capsule.

You will take your style to the next level!

What’s a pin up girl?

The Pin-Up movement is more than just a style of dress. It is a way of being, thinking, and above all it is an attitude.

A pin-up girl is a sensual, elegant, daring, and sexy woman. That is clear. But behind all that lies something else. She is also strong, determined, courageous, and confident. A woman who has nothing to do with stereotypes.

We are not satisfied with following the paths that society imposes on us. We create our own identity.

In essence is feminism in its purest form.

All this is reflected in our way of thinking, of expressing ourselves and, of course, of dressing.

That’s why we offer you a selection of clothes for Pin-up and Rockabilly girls.

Pin-up clothes, vintage dresses, retro fashion … you can call it what you want. But if you’re here, it’s because you’re different.

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